Daniel Lee, and Coaches Toni Nadal and Jim Holleran speak as he takes the court again!


SkySports Allowed us to share post from SkySports Premium and Blog! Daniel Lee is on a mission!

From SkySports: Lee is ready to begin his season and has hired a full staff of Coaches.

Toni Nadal touched down in Phoenix, Arizona, for a meeting this morning. Lee was arriving in town for SuperBowl Weekend. Tired from a long flight and the heat of Melbourne, he was quickly awakened upon arriving in the meeting with Team Lee. “What I saw today was a player that wants this as bad as Rafa. Nobody else wants to win as bad as them”, said Toni Nadal. “He brought us all in for a meeting. I’m excited to be his coach. I think he is with no doubt to make it to the Finals U.S. Open. Murray is in to the finals in Aussie, Kyrgios made it to the Quarters and lost to Murray, he handled them very easily. Rafa had a nice run, he handled him well. Nishikori and Raonic made it the the quarters, he handled them well. Dimitrov lost to Murray. He beat all of them in a row. No Tune-Up players in between. All top 10 Ranked players. I think you get the picture. He’s the future.”

Daniel Lee also took the court today for hitting and serving. “The control of his power is unbelievable. He looked even better than he did before he took two weeks off. His focus is on a completely different level than it was”, said Nadal. “I think that he is way better than he even knows. He’s finally tapping into that. You could make an argument that he will need up being the one that holds the biggest title when he retires.”

Lee is ready to make his debut. “I’m absolutely devastated that I couldn’t play this week”, said Lee. “I haven’t got over it and I don’t expect to anytime soon. I’m taking the positive out of this. I found out that I really love tennis.When I got hurt multiple times playing baseball, I didn’t care about getting back out there like this. I know I’m doing what I was meant to do. I don’t necessarily love winning, but the feeling of losing or not competing is so damn bad, that I never want to feel this again.”

Lee declined to comment on the specifics of his £150 Million apparel contract, but included that Kanye West who has been working with Adidas will design his uniforms. Eric Babolat did confirm Lee is designing his own racquet but said that he will not discuss anything until Lee is prepared to. “I’m not going to talk about it because it’s not relevant”, said Lee. “We are doing a press conference and unveiling next month and I’m obligated to discuss that with their press team when they want it done. I’m excited to partner with all of them. I’m working on my own line of On-Court clothing with Kanye West for Adidas. His wife’s family is close to mine so we have a really cool relationship. I’m excited to work with him.”

When asked about his hip recovery, coaching hires, and expectations for his likely debut in Dubai next month he did speak.
“I hit today. I don’t know a percentage to give you on my hip. I’m hitting stationary and I’m not testing it so I don’t know”, said Lee. “They’ve got trainers that are keeping a close tab on my hitting. I will have to get an MRI before I’m cleared to play and they don’t want to do that until they think I’m 100% ready because that will put me out a few days. I have 2 full time coaches, Toni Nadal and Jim Holleran. Jim taught me how to play tennis. He was a great player and he knows my game from the ground up. Pitor Wozniacki is also a coach on my staff but the women and men have different venues during parts of the year of course so he can’t be there full time. I haven’t spoken with Sampras. He’s got young kids and he’s turned down coaching Federer before. If he will be a part of my team I would love it. Doctor James Andrews is my physician. He will travel to every Major and sit in my box. The first few regular tournaments I play in this year, he will be at too. That’s a really cool guy. He made me the offer to do that for me. He’s real. He really cares about me. My expectations is to win the Title. I never except anything less than winning. When Return Of The Mack comes on in my headphones and then Drake and Lil Wayne follow that up, it’s over. I find another ladder and I climb up it. Just ask Andy Murray or anybody else I played.”

Jim Holleran is and American Businessman and the father of Madison Holleran, who tragically took her own life a year ago. “It is the biggest honor to be a part of Daniel’s Tennis Career”, said Holleran. “He is like a son to me and he took the passing of my daughter harder than anybody. He told me, “Jim, I would never be here if it wasn’t for what happened to Maddy and I feel guilty about that. That’s what made me pick it up again. But I feel like she’s with me every time I get out on the court and it gives me peace.” I am really proud of him for working so hard to becoming a major threat on court. I’m going to work my schedule to be at almost every tournament he plays in and whenever he’s training at his facility I’ll be out there. My other daughters are going to be doing a lot of traveling. They are excited for him. He’s always been a special player. I remember how natural it was for him at just age 5. Anyone who isn’t happy for him truly doesn’t know him. Daniel’s a great person. Tennis is his destiny.”

SkySports will host Lee’s press conference along with BBC Sports, IMG Networks TBA. He is also scheduled to appear on ESPN’s First Take with Steven A. Smith and Skip Bayless next month! Good luck Daniel!

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SkySports On Daniel Lee’s Withdraw, Plans, And Contracts!

After withdrawing from the Oz Open Lee has became even a bigger Favorite for the U.S. Open through the afternoon after statements he made, the size of his contract, and that he is for sure playing in the event via SkySports Premium and Premium blog! We’ve got permission to share, so Check it out!



Daniel Lee was forced to withdraw from the Australian Open after a lingering hip injury he suffered while playing baseball. But good has come of it, he has became a full time proffesional.

Toni Nadal was impressed with the passion Lee showed for the sport yesterday while making his annoucnement to his phone contacts. “He sent a message to everyone in his contacts apolgizing for sliding around in the dirt which ended up causing him not to be able to play’, said Nadal. “I was very impressed with that. He had so much passion and emotion in the message. It was good to know he has that kind of drive and fire to win. I’m excited to coach him. I have no doubt that he will be the World Number 1 in years to come. He will be unstoppable by this August in his home-town. I think he’s going to win it.”

Boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. said that he will travel with Lee next month to the Dubai Duty Free Championships. “That’s my little brother. He’s a champion”, said Mayweather. “I’ve been telling him since September when he was winning matches that he needed to play tennis. Rafa had been working my phone trying to get in touch with him. Now he’s his own Head Of Chief and he can do whatever he wants. No team can tell him when to practice and how to travel and give him curfews. I think this was good for him in a way, because he realizes that this is what he is suppsoed to be doing. He had people in his head telling him that he should play baseball and money shouldn’t matter because it benefited them. It is ignorant for somebody to tell him something like that. You got people out there like Steve Ballmer who will bid to buy the same stuff we want. His good friend and business partner lost 1/2 Billion in one day in Russia. When you’ve got big money you’ve got big risks. You can’t stop making money. He’s got a big apparel contract coming his way and in five years he will be up for another. You throw in the other endorsements and when it’s all said and done me and him will probably buy a baseball team together one day just from sports money if he thinks it is a good investment. He’s a great business man. I’ve made a lot of money on ventures he got me in on. If he tells me to do something with my money I don’t even ask. After graduation this spring he’s going for his Masters while playing tennis. He wants to be a Hedgefund manager when he’s done playing sports. Baby bro is something else. ”

Adidas Tennis CEO referred to Lee as “The Next Wunderkind” but declined to comment on the process of Lee’s contract. They are set to pay him a deal said to be worth £100 Million, not including bonuses and ranking pay, over 5-Years.

But Daniel Lee only has one thing on his mind, Winning The US Open. “I am extremely disappointed that I can’t play this week”, said Lee. “It is my fault. I didn’t listen to the people who cared about me and gave me selfless advice. I just thought highly of people who didn’t really have what’s best for me at heart. Initially, I was worried about what other sponsors would say about me withdrawing. We’ve since talked to most everybody who had offered me deals and they are sticking to them. But at the time I had no idea what was going to happen. I actually had people who acted like that was no big deal for me if I lost Millions. They were feeling more sorry for themselves than me. They implied I was making the wrong choice and went as far as to say that basically I would always regret my decision. That showed some true colors. I’m a fair person. I’ve always taken care of my own in everything I’ve ever done. I had already drawn up a figure and made a decision about what I was going to do for them. That showed me some things I needed to see before I made a very big mistake. Playing this week was about a lot more than many people will ever know. I let down a certain family that I was dedicating this to. I’ve got only one goal; hoist the trophy in the Empire State this year and then give it to them.”

Lee says he plans to play in the Davis Cup and hinted that he will be playing for the French National Team after saying he will train with injured Frenchman World Number 12, Jo-Wilfred Tsonga. “I’m eager to get back on the court, but it is ultimately up to my team”, said Lee. “I’m flying out to Herzogenaurach to close out a deal and then to Stuggart. Then I’m going to get my hip looked at by another specalist who will script my rehab and then I have to meet with the movie studios about adjusting filming dates. The goal is to be ready to workout with Tsonga as soon as possible just hitting and not really testing my hip. My team has decided I’m going to play in Dubai next month and then the Davis Cup. Unless they tell me otherwise then that will be when I play. If I’m ready earlier I’m sure they’ll let me get out there. I’m hoping to play in Memphis earlier in the month. It is more likely I will play in Del Ray beach the week before Dubai. I am going to play in Indian Wells and Miami in March and possibly the Davis Cup the first week of March. I’m really excited for those and of course the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters in Monaco. I invited the son and daughter of my college coach last night and some of my close friends for their graduation present. It will be cool to introduce them to Prince Albert and show them my Country. The remaining Three Grand Slams are big for me also. The French Open is huge at the end of May. The whole Royal family of Monaco will fly up to Paris for Roland Garros. Then you’ve got Wimbledon a month later. I’ve got a lot of love for London. I am going to start spending a lot more time there for business and to watch Chelsea. My Polo buddy Prince Harry will be there in addition to a lot of my players from Chelsea. Then you’ve got the US Open back home in New York. That’s the one. I’m going to give my best to win the others, but I believe with all my heart that I will win that one. I really am thankful for my sponsors who stuck to what they promised me. I’m going to do everything I can to be the best for them. They are collectively giving me the rest of the month off but I look forward to meeting with the press and doing my photoshoots at the start of next month. I’m going to hold a press conference at my office in Chelsea .”

Eric Babolat said there’s no rush for Lee to return to the court. “I just want him to return when he’s ready. Rather he returns next week, next month, or next year, I just want him to be pain-free and comfortable when he does. He’s still a youngster”, said Babolat. “I think I speak for everyone who is partnering with him. He earned everything he’s getting paid. He’s the most talented player in the young crop. Dimitrov, Raonic, and Nishikori are 23, 24, and 25 respecitively. They are ranked 11, 8, 5 respectiviely. He is 20 years old. He has beaten all of them with little complication and just months of preperation. If you ask Rafa he will tell you he will be one of the greatest to ever play tennis. It is only sensible that he would be paid tremendously for his talent and story of return to dominace after a long lay-off from playing competitive tennis. He’s an absolute phenom.”

Follow SkySports for updates and a live conference of Lee’s first press conference to come next month from Chelsea F.C. stadium, Stamford Bridge!


Best of Luck Daniel and a speedy return!


Lee Expected To Roll, and Genie Bouchard says she’s his biggest fan!


SKYSPORTS blog got an exclusive interview from Tomic, Bouchard, Sampras, Toni, and Lee’s Father! Toni Nadal says his Nephew isn’t as ready as Lee! Check it out!

From SkySports:

Bernard Tomic expects Lee to breeze through the tournament despite the injury of his hip injury.
“That’s my best friend. I know him . If it was up to him he probably would’ve played in Qatar last week or Sydney”, said Tomic. “Sponsors were pressuring him not to. They want him to be healthy for the big events. Not even particularly Australia but the Indian Wells and the Miami Masters in March and the France circuit. He’s so valuable to them playing those two American tournaments and then the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters and the French Circuit. They are telling him if it isn’t 100% then they don’t want him out there until next month and the Davis Cup for France. I know Adidas was pressuring him about it. He’s going to play regardless I’m sure. He’s going to do great.”

Genie Bouchard will be watching Lee play. “I am so happy to be able to say I know Daniel”, said Genie Bouchard. “He’s such an extraordinary person. Everyone loves being around him. I’m secretly probably his biggest fan. Okay! You got me! I lied! I know I am his biggest fan!”

Lee senior is not surprised with his sons resurgence in Tennis, but he is impressed with the nearly £70Million offer from Adidas. “He’s always won on the court since he first picked up a racket. From age 10 up he continued to get better and better. I always gave him the choice on what he wanted to do. When he was 15 New Balance told us that they would pay him $1,000,000 if he turned pro for a four-year contract. He didn’t want to play Tennis, he wanted to play Baseball. My sons had quite a run on the field, but when you keep adding zeros to that number, you do what is best for your future. Tennis is a great sport with an international following and prestige rivaled by no other. He never lost his love for tennis. He always continued to watch it and follow it. I think he’ll probably take it on full time.”

When asked about his hip and Tomic’s comments about sponsors. Lee gave a very clear answer. “Sponsors are great but I haven’t finalized any contracts with anyone at this point. I’m playing to win. I’ve got a check up Tuesday afternoon. I’m flying out Wednesday or early Thursday. Doctor James Andrews, is taking his jet in Friday. He’s going to work on me before I go on court before matches.”

Pete Sampras feels Lee’s hip is steadily progressing and should be fine by the start of the Main Draw. “I agree with the third parties”, said Sampras. “He’s not just any tennis player. Their is no need to risk further delaying anything if his hip is bothering him. They want to give him the big check to be in the hunt in the tournaments into the season. He can play for either France against Germany or America against Great Britain in the Davis Cup. He has to respect sponsors and their offers but I think he’ll be healthy enough to make a run by the start.”

Toni Nadal had short words on the topic. “He’s worth as much as my nephew in contracts right now. Forget about a few years from now”, said Toni Nadal. ” He had no business sliding in the dirt so close to a GrandSlam. The people who told him he should be doing that should be ashamed. If he is not 100 percent ready I strongly discourage him going against the wishes of the contractors. Yes he has a lot of money already so it isn’t a worry of his. But if you buy planes, boats, horses, and sports teams, you want spending and saving money coming in to continue to live that lifestyle. You can never have too much money. He needs to quit being difficult with the sponsors. I talk to him like my Nephew. We just got in today. He will be in Thursday. We will get some good hitting in. Rafa is still questionable but I think they both will play. Dani is in a way better position to win right now than Rafa either way. He’s just in better form and he’s my pick out of the two.”

End of post! Good luck Daniel and your “fan” Genie Bouchard!


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Daniel Lee May Play As Third Seed At Australian Open! Toni Nadal Says He Can Win!



Daniel Lee spoke with SkySports blog last night after reports are surfacing that Nadal may withdraw from The Australian Open which would allow him to Vacate his 3rd seed to the ATP who would in return likely give it to Lee. —– From SkySports——–

“I don’t know anything about it. I’m just preparing to play from the draw. That is not important to me. Being ready is.”, said Lee. “I’m not even going to be able to work hard again until Saturday. I practiced long on Wednesday morning and again in the afternoon and then I had an injection treatment done. They don’t want me to go full out until Saturday so it sets in. My hip has been pretty sore but it is definitely improving. Tennis is a different breed. You’ve got to cut and move which is going to cause some discomfort if you have a bruised hip.”

Pete Sampras expressed he is not concerned about Lee being ready in spite of missing practice after sustaining an injury playing baseball. “He’s going to be ready”, said Sampras. “He’s just got to be smart about it. He needs to focus on having quality hitting sessions and doing therapy. I think he played some golf today. Watch him in Pebble Beach at the Celebrity Pro-Am next month. I was with him when he played at Bel-Air with Rickie Fowler a couple of weeks ago. At the end of the day Daniel had a better scorecard. He’s a competitor. I’m not concerned about him being prepared. ”

Toni Nadal thinks that Lee will be in top form by the start of the Open. “Rafa is going to try to play if he can, but it is a long season”, said Toni Nadal. “I think Daniel is going to have a shot to win if he gets the high seed because he will get a Qualifier or a 1st Round bye which gives him a match or time to get back in form. He looked outstanding in Monaco a few weeks ago. The goal is to stay focused. That hip should not be a factor. He had no business sliding around in dirt less than month ahead of a GrandSlam. People are giving him bad advice and asking him to do things that aren’t smart or best for him financially either. I do not make any money off of his success. I see him as another Nephew and I speak to him like Rafa. He should be ready to go by the start of the tournament. You are talking about a player who came off a multi-year break. He’s the most natural tennis player in the world. A few days off should not impact him tremendously.”

Lee also spoke out against rumors that Nadal’s seeding woes are to help boost his run in the tournament and endorsement contracts. Also rumors of a £15,000,000 contract with Mercedes or Land Rover. “Mercedes called the other day. They thought I was signed to Porsche. Land Rover called. They thought I was signed to Mercedes. That’s all I’m at liberty to say at this point. Someone was saying I was signing with Rolex the other day. I just had lunch with Richard Mille at my country club yesterday between practices. Don’t believe everything you hear. I’m not worried about that right now. I’ve got to be ready to make a run at the title. I’ll worry about all that other stuff when it is relevant.”

SKYSPORTS- end of post

Good luck to Daniel and Rafa this month and the wholes season! We are rooting for you!


Genie in 2015?

tennis info to a double fault

Last season was a breakout season for Eugenie Bouchard of Canada. She reached the semifinals of the first three majors, The Australian Open, Wimbledon and The French Open, making her the only WTA player to accomplish that feat in 2014.
By the end of the season she had reached a career high ranking of number 5 in the world putting her among the ranks of the elite players including Serena Williams, Simona Halep and Maria Sharapova.
Looking forward to the upcoming season I must say I am feeling apprehensive about how her sophomore season will unfold. A number of changes have occurred in the Bouchard camp following all her success.
As with any successful athlete, endorsement opportunities became available almost immediately. Genie went from being the spokesperson for “Pinty’s” chicken products to signing a Canadian national deal with Coca-Cola. The demands for Genie’s presence at events increased, including promotional appearances…

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Pete Sampras Praises Lee Ahead of Australian Open


SkySports allowed us to share their premium tennis blog post with comments from Lee and Sampras! Also US Open odds unveiled! Lee opened at 10/1 favorite! Quickly dropped! Best price now is 6/1!

From SkySports:

Pete Sampras praises Daniel Lee’s Sunday practice session ahead of the Australian Open.

Pete Sampras told SkySports that Sunday, he saw an even better side of Lee in practice. “He kicked it up a notch”, said Sampras. “He always practices hard and plays hard. He’s a competitor. But what I saw from him today, was phenomenal. He is looking so sharp and crisp. He gets more impressive every-time I see him. I think he’s in better form right now than any player on the circuit. It’s scary what he’s doing right now.”

Lee returned to full practice on January 2nd, after sustaining a hip injury. “My hip felt okay today” said Lee. “You can’t afford to play poor and draw out matches when you are playing with an injury and I understand that. Hopefully by the start of the tournament it has loosened up and is a non-factor. It was not an overuse injury so that’s good. I was playing baseball and got landed on while sliding into a base. So it’s just bruised and has been pretty tight.”

Lee was asked after Andy Murray beat Nadal in Abu Dhabi and won the title, how confident he is going into in Australia having recorded a straight forward victory against Murray. As well as his feelings about being the 3rd favorite for the US Open title in September. “Nadal beat Warinka who won the Australian Open last year. Murray looked great against Nadal”, said Lee. “It definitely gives me a lot of confidence. I’m back at the Riv for a few days working out. I’m going to continue to go off and on of full workout days then I’ll ship out to Australia. I don’t know anything about betting odds. I didn’t know I was favored for anything. I guess they are expecting me to make progress and make a stand in my home city by the end of the season. I’m just focusing on getting fit and playing my best.”

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My Year of Tennis

-Tennis News Today

This year has once again been a fantastic one for sport, for me personally I have attended a number of different tennis events this year. All were extremely enjoyable so I thought I would share my experience with you!


The first tournament of the year was Queens. Having never been before I was looking forward to experience, something a bit different from Wimbledon, plus a friend had managed to get VIP hospitality so paying for drinks wouldn’t be an issue! The great thing about Queens is that before you have even entered the grounds you are in a great part of London which instantly gives you a sense of grandeur that surrounds this tournament. On the day we were there the Dimitrov, Cilic and Berdych were all on centre court where we were fortunate enough to have front row seats. Not any of the “top 4” but in Dimitrov’s…

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