Doppelgänger defeats Nadal! Toni picks him to win US Open!


SkySports allowed us to post their member exclusive interview without copyright infringement, as Lee was our original story!! He will do his first live video-interview with SkySports after Christmas!

From SkySports:

The story continues. 20 year old Daniel Lee defeated his self-proclaimed Hero, Rafael Nadal in a 5 set thriller.

The World Number 3 had great words to speak of Lee after the match. “It was a magnificent. When it was over we had a big hug and we both had tears,” said Nadal. “I’m so proud of Dani. I am so excited for him. He played wonderfully.”

“It was pretty surreal standing across from the greatest player to ever play the game of tennis”, said Lee. “I played really great tennis. It was some big time rallies played. I loved every second of it.”

When asked how the 20 Year Old feels about his game after beating Nadal, he gave a humbled answer.
“Rafa, he’s the best player to ever play tennis. I cannot be compared to him. My name doesn’t deserve to be in the same sentence as his at this point”, said Lee. He’s still getting fit. When we play live on SkySports after Christmas, will be a big test.”

Toni Nadal was more critical on the defeat of his nephew.

“That kid has too much class and respect for the game”, said Toni Nadal. “Honestly, he is being modest. He beat my nephew outright. My nephew is in shape. He’s won a few best of 3 matches with ease this month. Rafa played some of his best tennis. It was not taken lightly. This was Rafa’s first 5-set match, but the kid hasn’t played on circuit in years. I am picking him to win the US Open. By September he will be in prime shape and he plays with some much passion. I can only imagine how he will play in front of his city and country. I am surprised with his tennis shape right now. He still has a month to get ready for the Heat in Melbourne. If he gets rolling, who knows. It is going to be really fun to watch. I think he could be the best ever. He’s that special.”

Look for the exclusive, first-time interview with Lee next week here on SkySports.

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We are excited for the Ace and wish him the best!

-Tennis News Today


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